Product Overview

MacroSAN MS2500G2 series is a new generation of MacroSAN entry-level data center storage products which is oriented to small size data centers and branches. Based on its leading hardware architecture and rich software function, MS2500G2 can provide more storage solutions for the small business to guarantee data safety and service continuity, including database storage solution, centralized online storage, backup storage solution and data disaster recovery solution, etc. MS2500G2s provide an optimal balance between performance and cost, with better reliability and expansion capability, to support customer repaid growth of business.

MS2500G2 series includes MS2500G2-12S, MS2500G2-25S.



Product Features

Flexible Choice

MS2500G2 are dual controllers that support 16GB-64GB cache and 2 hardware modules (12, 25 disks), supports 1/10/40Gb/s Ethernet module, 8Gb/s FC, 16Gb/s FC and others, help to easily build IP SAN, FC SAN or IP/FC hybrid networking environment.

High Reliability

MS2500G2 adopts fully redundant architecture to guarantee system reliability. Main components including chassis of controller, controller, power supply, fan, battery and host interface card adopt modularized design and support online plug in and online replacement. When individual component has a failure, it can realize rapid fault isolation and replacement to avoid more damages to the whole system. Specific IDDC+CRAID technology help to reduce 80% of system downtime and 80%-95% of data reconstruction time. CRAID allows up to 3 disk failures in a RAID5 array with no data loss. Cooperating with the disk power control technology, IDDC can sequent the disk power up to avoid the power overload that normally is caused by simultaneous electrifying of lots disks.

Rich Functions

MS2500G2 provides rich data protection functions including data snapshots, data reproduction, data mirroring, symmetric dual-active and so on. Based on these features, to protect the data from online to near line, from local to remote for the users.

Economical and Practical

MS2500G2 flexible configurations can meet the budget of SMB at the beginning of information construction. Following a configuration wizard, the administrator can simply complete relevant configurations. Also several devices can be managed by one management interface, it is suitable for management of scale deployment.

MS2500G2 adopts advanced data management functions from ODSP software platform which is usually deployed on high-end and medium-end storages. Based on ODSP software platform, MS2500G2 supports smooth upgrade to MS3000G2 or higher products by only replacements of controllers without data migration. Smooth upgrade effectively protects users’ investment.