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MacroSAN Technologies Co., Ltd. (MacroSAN), founded in May, 2010,  is an innovation technology provider of enterprise storage solution. MacroSAN headquarter located in Hangzhou and R&D centers are situated in Shenzhen and Hangzhou. We also have 30 branches of offices across China and invested 51% of employees in researches and development.

MacroSAN is the first voting member of Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) in China. With a team of more than fifteen years’ research experiences and technology know how in storage industry. MacroSAN launched MS series storage and become one of the few high-tech companies which have a full range of products from low-end to high-end as well as R&D capabilities to develop end-to-end data storage technology solutions.

According to China market requirement, we have developed a series of data storage technology such as SDAS, CRAID, AFT, ICMT,V4,etc, most of the technology was first introduce to world within data storage industry. In 2016, we launched our new enterprise cloud computing product, CloudSAN. CloudSAN Integrated with distributed technology, accelerate storage performance and high availability. The technology is a breakthrough in enterprise cloud computing solution and gain worldwide attention.

Since 2010, we have contently invested more than 15% of sales revenue  into R&D every year and till date MacroSAN have more than 50 patents register.  MacroSAN have been continually innovating in the transitional IT era and helping customer to from traditional I.T. to new generation I.T. with the present of cloud computing, big data, VR/AR, AI, and IoT. MacroSAN has become the most innovative and user-data-focusing storage enterprise in the world.
MacroSAN has been achieving more than 60% sales revenue growth per year and has become one of the leading data storage company in China. Our products and solutions have been widely applied in various sectors, such as government, finance, education, healthcare, research institute, power, energy, transportation, and large enterprises.

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