After decades of computer- and network-oriented IT infrastructure construction and development, new application demands marked by cloud computing, the internet of things and big data are dominating the upcoming IT construction trend. Driven by application, customers' needs are becoming increasingly diversified, and there is no single enterprise that can independently meet all of customers' IT demands. Accordingly, mutual and win-win cooperation among industry chains is an inevitable result of IT construction and development.

Adhering to the channel partner policy focusing on "trust, cooperation and win-win relationship", MacroSAN provides its partners with not only competitive storage product technologies and solutions but also accompanying cooperation policy support.MacroSAN's partner system is planned to be a two-class system. Partners are classified as "first class partners and second class partners" based on their own operational characteristics and market coverage.

MacroSAN's objective is to run enterprise-level storage systems "made in China" in IT systems across the world, for which strong support and help from partners are also required. Let us cooperate based on "trust, cooperation and win-win relationship" and work together to achieve the grand objective.