About MacroSAN Training

General Introduction of MacroSAN Trainings

Headquartered in Hangzhou, MacroSAN Training Center is a professional training organization of MacroSAN which provides customers with trainings on professional storage products and storage technology verification. It focuses on offering high-level and all-round training services to major industry clients and people from all circles of life.

MacroSAN Training Center fully understands all levels of customer’s needs. It not only provides a range of standard training services, but also provides customized training services according to the customers' special needs. MacroSAN Training Center provides high-quality and convenient training services for its customers, helping them to cultivate excellent storage technicians and enhance their employees' working skills, so as to better improve their economic performance and maximize their profits.

MacroSAN Training Center and its partners have a team with high-caliber teaching staffs, plenty of experiment equipments as well as supporting reception service resources which can fully meet the learning needs of customers at all levels.

All the full-time training instructors of MacroSAN Training Center and its partners have passed strict teaching qualification verification by MacroSAN and have rich experience in teaching and engineering practice, fully satisfying customers' diversified training needs.

Training Philosophy

"Professional, Pragmatic and Learning to Meet Practical Needs"—for the customers' commercial, development and strategic interests, cultivate excellent storage technicians for customers, enhance their employees' working skills, and enable customers to enjoy high returns on their investments.

Training Period

After signing a formal contract, MacroSAN will contact the customer according to its contact information specified in the contract and consult together to determine the training time.

Training Place

The training place will locate in MacroSAN Training Center or the training partners' premises, or may be arranged at other places according to the customers' needs.

Training Services

MacroSAN Training Center can provide the following services for customers attending centralized trainings:

Accommodation: unified accommodation arrangement;

Food: unified food services;

Customization: visiting and exchange activities may be arranged according to the customers' needs.



Storage products operation and maintenance personnel

Storage products technical support personnel

Related personnel interested in storage

Training Period:

4 working days

Entry Requirements:

Familiar with computer operations;

Familiar with basic operations in Windows, Linux and other operating systems;

Having basic knowledge on storage;

Having basic knowledge on network;

Understanding TCP/IP protocols and basic network equipment.

Training Objectives:

After the training, the trainees will be able to:

Understand relevant knowledge on the application of storage in industries;

Understand cluster system, data backup, data disaster tolerance and other related technologies in the storage industry;

Understand basic knowledge on Linux/VMware vSphere system and master basic operations in Linux/VMware vSphere system;

Master basic knowledge on storage hard disk and understand relevant parameters affecting hard disk's performance;

Understand the basic concepts, characteristics and application environments of storage-related protocols;

Master the characteristics of RAID technologies and can select relevant RAID technology under different application environments;

Master the logging-in to, the administration of and the RAID configuration and SAN configuration for network products;

Master the methods to access storage under Windows, Linux and VMware vSphere hosts;

Understand the design architecture of MacroSAN products;

Select the right MacroSAN storage product to build a storage network;

Master the typical networking of MS series storage;

Complete the functional configuration of MS series storage products according to customers' needs;

Conduct daily maintenance and management of MS series storage products independently.

Certificate Issuance:

Trainees will be awarded MSTE certificates after passing the appraisal.

MacroSAN Product Engineer


Storage pre-sales engineers

Training Period:

4 working days

Training Objectives:

The trainees shall pass the appraisal and have the following capabilities:

Mastering basic knowledge on storage and building a relatively complete storage knowledge system;

Understanding MacroSAN storage products and their main features;

Having primary capability of storage pre-sales communication.

Certificate Issuance:

Trainees will be awarded MSPE certificates after passing the appraisal.